New Nanshan International was established in 2013. In recent years, Nanshan has actively responded to the national “transformation and upgrading” strategy to build aviation industrial park and improve the added value of aluminium products. So far, a development pattern of developing multiple industries dominated by aluminium industry, Zhishang shares, Yulong petrochemical, Real estate, Finance, Research Education, Tourism, Health regimen, etc. has been formed. Taking building “Hundred-year New Nanshan” as the vision, globally- advanced management ideas as the guideline, and rendering service to our country and rewarding the hometown by developing industry. New Nanshan International aim to make energetic contributions to the local economic development.

“Giving prominence to the major business, chain operation” is a unique strategic mode for the operation and development that New Nanshan International has inherited from the Nanshan spirit. The health Preservation division of New Nanshan International will commit itself to developing such businesses as provision of medical treatment, health management, loving nursing and agency of health products. Nanshan Tourism now has such business types as national 5A scenic spot,top 100 international travel services in China ,forming a diversified industrial structure system integrating tourism sightseeing and vacation,conference business,leisure and health preservation,festival conference and exhibition,study tour,etc. The education division of New Nanshan International has a excellent education system covering holiday-making and sightseeing, leisure and recreation, starred hotel groups, high-end business, convention and exhibition service. The Real Estate division of New Nanshan International takes financial investment company, stock equity financing company and listed company as the carriers to expand industrial development through capital operations so as to promote the local economic prosperity.

“Working with high responsibility to improve people’s living conditions, New Nanshan pursues the highest excellence.” New Nanshan International will continue to carry out the corporative spirit of being “Loyal, responsible, diligent and dedicated”, inherit the Nanshan culture, create the New Nanshan spirit and make efforts to build a new brand of Hundred-year industry.

Looking Ahead

Ceaseless progress brings about tides of the times. Guided by Nanshan Spirit -- “loyalty, responsibility, diligence and commitment”, under the leadership and support of the entrepreneurs, the leading group of the new generation continuously blazes new trails in a pioneering spirit. With the passionate attitude and overwhelmed wisdom, they surely will release enormous energy which surpasses the times to create a hundred-year Nanshan that attracts worldwide attention.

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