Founded at the beginning of reform and opening up, Nanshan Group has developed into a large-scale private joint-stock enterprise stably listed in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises at present after over forty-four years of arduous struggle. Nowadays, it has over 40,000 employees, which ranked the 221st place in Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and the 41st place in Top 500 Enterprises in Chinese Manufacturing Industry by virtue of its comprehensive strength in 2022. At present, it has formed a development pattern led by aluminum, fabrics & garments(Nanshan Zhishang), Yulong petrochemical industrial park, real estate, finance, scientific research education, tourism, health preservation.


Nanshan Group Singapore Co. Pte. Ltd. was established in the year 2010 as an overseas subsidiary of Nanshan Group China and the regional headquarter in SEA. Presently, Nanshan Singapore’s core business divisions include aluminium trading, hotel investment and operations, equity investment, fund management and securities and other financial services, energy & chemicals, real estate development, and other businesses. With the rapidly expanding industries scale, we firmly seek to take decisive action to strengthen and grow our group in a sustainable way. We are continuously striving towards our core values “Good morality towards perfection, accumulated hills towards mountain”. 


In Singapore, Nanshan Singapore relies on Singapore's advantages as an international financial center, trade center, and shipping center, and strives to build a new platform for international investment cooperation of Nanshan. It is committed to developing aluminum products export trade to ASEAN countries, Australia and some countries in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the company aims to build an integrated shipping platform to provide shipping support for Nanshan to implement its global strategy.

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